Every movement and exertion of the soul issues as a will and consists of a will.
Self-will is motion by reference only to one's own concern.

Creator-Creatress-Will works for the concern and good of all and represents direct Creator-Creatress inspiration and proceedings throughout all of existence.

Creator-Creatress-Will consists of the real Light and Law of the Omnipresent Whole.
Care is conformity to the form of Creator-Creatress-Will as the Light.

Care is the key and art of practicing the true figure and ambience of Light as the perfection of Love.

Careless Life and mindal motions issue to the physical world as ill-will rather than as good-will.

Care is the Grand-Mother of all Arts for making creature-will harmonious with Creator-Creatress-Will.

Love, there are boundless opportunities for all who care to love, and would care as devoutly as loving existence care commands: they attend all with perfect heed, tenderness and blessing and empower all to fuller expression of life and happiness.
Care is the art of recognizing love and there's no finer art.

Sometimes an understanding silence and a gracious sentiment; pouring abroad a gift of love nursed in genuine performance, or may be, a well-wishing, so pure, it waters withering vines, be it ever fair weather or foul, real care is souls delight.
Care is the art of sharing love and there's no worthier art.

We must ponder the nature of all things that touch life, in the seen and the unseen, what generates such sublime love than real Care made manifest as impetus for rendering love!
It is everlasting care that makes possible everlasting love.
Care is the art of creating love and there's no greater art.

Now, behold the classic custom which folks have called love, for all the wealth and all the romances it does often boast, never was a person's love ever truer than the care is true, for love becomes a hoax where true care is hidden from folks.
Care is the art of enthroning love and there's no loftier art.

Rejoice for the fortune, if your care is alive and expressed.
For by living care, Life's Universal Law doth forever thrive.
When inspired to care souls their greatest of love discover.
But, without caring none entertains real opportunity of love.
Care is the art of nurturing love and there's no wiser art!

Care is the key of remembering, finding and restoring love; it is the Godly key for realizing Beauty, Justice and Truth; it is the key to lawful progress amidst uncheatable destiny; it is a dancing in the soul to the songs of inspiring Light.
Care is the art of balancing love and there's no holier art.

~ Written By Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi ~

Yunivasity of Kosmik Wisdom
Worlds Movement and Community for Conscious Cosmic Citizenship

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