Daughter of Aswan

(While Sahara Was Inland Sea, Atlas Not Yet Mountain
and Ethiopia the Utopia)

Light of Cosmic incantation, rhythm of universe drums,
Moved the melody sounding the destiny of earthlings,
The fashion after great beginningless and Omnipotence,
The essence and form she chose was enthroned immortal,
With glory to which her Creatress-Creator made Souls privilege:
The Daughter of Aswan, by the Nile, upraised opulent!
Afrika leased for her thrill and becoming willfulness,
As Eden of soul-pairs and the college for novice gods;
She and I vowed many now forgotten covenants of love,
While Sahara was an inland sea, Atlas not yet mountain.

Upon her palm is marked the Sign of the Sun of Rising Destiny!
And time that veils thy lush past, O' Daughter of Afrika,
Is the reflex by which thy unveiling shall be wrought,
To expose years of mighty play of love, life and glory,
And the labour of cultures, principalities and geniuses;
Of long before prophets Abraham, Buddha, Osire and Jesu.
You were present when the desert was called upon Afrika,
To bury, in sand, years of misadventure in civilization:
Whole cities and ranch lands, lifted above water level!
Even as both El'Mooria and Atlantis were sunk deep under.

My Goddess, thy folks are Adepts of the Eternal Order:
Immortals, who never can perish from earthly misfortune.
Rascally means engineers folks to distortion of vision!
Their holy flames then burning for worries and warriors,
The unavailing struggles turning gods into delinquents,
Causing sordid compromise of Living Everpresent Creator-Creatress:
Today, they crawl and worship saintly persons and idols,
Until who keeps Paradise in Light became tenant of hell!
O' Daughter of Afrika, misfortune doth thy majesty veil,
But thy remembrance persists in foundation of cultures.

I can see the Daughter of Aswan bathing by the old Nile
Amidst a vanishing Paradise which fled vengeful Sahara
Burying traditions and her father's arsenal of cultures,
And they perfected occult pacifier of the atomic forces.
Trafficked in policy with an already sinking Wagga-Land
And strove to compete the arrogance of impudent Atlantis.
Bathing like the rains in the Nile, O' Daughter of Aswan,
I remember you from movies in my heart, and thy beauty!
Even as children of thy kinfolks, before reckless dunes,
Flee from sanctuaries to sanctuaries until now near at sea.

Even as amazing oblivion of lost self-knowledge encompass,
The Wise Ones serenade thee and Kingdoms celebrate thee!
What exalted Goddess courts doubtful saints and princes?
You mothered Tongas and Kariba, whole tribes, all Gurus.
The fabulous Ausar you groomed; was he not a Sun of Goddess-God?
Moisha, Heru, Muhammad, Greece, you saved, fed or schooled,
By them thy ancient gift of freedom and wisdom yet leads.
Why, O' Beauty, abdicate thy Royalty within Omnipresent,
To court cults that subdue but never have raised the lowly;
You did covenant to raise thy progeny to surer godhood!

A code of codes you must now decode, O' Bolt of Beauty,
Stars our true identity on Spirit Diamonds of Immortality
Hid in oral cult by Ancients for thy resurrection, a Key!
Imperishably sealed from greed and bluff of profane power
Since glorious antiquity; hundreds of humbled generations
"Soul" is that Code we must decode, O' Darling of Afrika.
Soul is the secret of greatness coded in Light by Ancients
That weary of adversity we decode to regenerate nobility.
Have we idolized soul in the flesh, craft, music and death
But neglected its Light which governs genius in our people!

After antiquity floundered, you preserved world heritage
When Bantu was not migrant; Kariba and Carribea kinfolks,
O' thou Spirit Diamond upon a Crown of Pure Intelligence:
A very morning of life, learning, labour, love and light.
Now binds soul's heritage to crucifix of Rented Progress,
Despite the woes of nations that dared soulless progress.
Home again, O' Flame of Life, heed Light in thine own soul.
Let us now decode The Formula Of Our Native Intelligence
And by soulful labour make thy progeny Goddesses and gods.

These eons, 25,000 years of bewildering human adventures
Through and beyond many worlds of non-humanly immortals.
Caressing treasuries which adorn the wings of all destiny,
Love and I, I recollect, cried adieus and then met again:
Impelled by nothing than the covenant of a soulful love.
I met this virgin Daughter bathing like rains in the Nile,
Before the Niles built Egypt, the latest wave of old glory
I am in the Asian, European, Amerikan and much untold,
But the lovely Daughter of Aswan, she never seems to change
Bathing like rains in the Nile, she keeps young the same.

Over the centuries as we scouted each other's Diaspora,
More afield than calculations of wakeful mortal thinking
While Afrika endured pillage from slaves to acquisition,
Lured to scavenge her ruins, themselves, notwithstanding,
And thus hastened completion of Afrikan karma imperative
Or awakened tribes to Goddess-God's unveiling of the New Worlds;
Oh, Daughter of Aswan, bathing like the rains in the Nile,
I followed the light of thine pilgrimages, every memory;
Still seeing you, ever lovely, in the movie of my memory,
Standing in the sun and bathing like rains in the Niles.

When destiny led thee abroad, I cried to bid thee adieu,
Knowing you are the beloved of endless thousands of years,
Certain I can keep sight of thee in the movies of my mind.
Today, I seek to bridge oceans, which imperiled the Covenant
And with Heavenly Ebony elevate thine path to acme of love
So you may remain the Goddess who teaches Nymphs to dance,
As unnumbered times I've seen you do in ancient Orka town.
Love, Daughter of Afrika, as thine heart heeds thine Beloved!
I, sure, see you unveiling by a god in movies in my heart,
Bathing like rains in the Niles, darling Daughter of Aswan.
~ Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi ~

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