(With Innumerable Souls as its Passengers
and Spangled with Sub-Systems of Stars,
Suns and Planets, the Mighty Vortex of
our Local Universe Shuttles like a
Rocket Through Etherea.)

A feeling of belonging homes upon all,
But to whom or where a person belongs.
No one's wisdom can tell you of limits.
I see and feel not any limits whatever!
I know no limits to where we all belong
Our nativity is the Eternal and Cosmic.

Amidst mineral and vegetable kingdoms,
There exists never a clue of their limit.
Within the spirit and the animal worlds,
One's effort is lost, who seeks for limit.
There is no limit to where all belong or
To whom and whence any person belongs.

In all the worlds and, in all the spheres,
We belong, they belong, and ALL belong!
Me, I belong to ALL people as they like.
I cherish the Cosmic for my TRUE nativity,
Knowing my TRUE home is in ALL the worlds.
Here, I belong to each and to ALL alike.
I am their labor and, they are my service
And we ALL are one another's rewards!

Here, I was, I am, and remain IMMORTAL.
Look, I fancy not when I was not a being;
I count NOTHING as beginning and ending!
Though worlds may bid, I live by boundary,
I still can see without and, far beyond.

In vain one SEEKS for LIMIT in anything.
In vain one feels anything is PERIPHERAL.
In vain one thinks death, limits belonging.

Never a limit to where more or less abide.
Nor limits both as Atom and as the Cosmos,
For the Cosmic is charged upon ALL beings.

Yes, we are where limit exists - NOT AT ALL!
Open are worlds, plane and sphere of gods.
To come and go but NEVER cease belonging.
Traveling through Aquarius, by Afrika I go.
To enjoy the works and glory of creation:

As Sons may travel material realms of God,
As many travel Nirvania, Venus and Mars,
As many roam Galaxies in Missions of Love,
Cruising as fast as the speed of Thoughts;
And soon inhabit and migrate about Stars.

And I belong to every Star there might be:
Moving never than the Cosmic moves hither,
Wheeling as a WILL in the Omnipresent Will
And NEVER resting than the Creatress-Creator retires.

Beyond hows and whys of forms and times,
Am I ever moved as a Citizen of the Cosmic?
Am I ever belonging to Life and Activity?
Belonging to Truth, Knowledge and Beauty?

Although we move in Ramparts of Antiquity,

Yes, Am ETERNAL Cosmic Part and Belonging.
Our ENTIRE Cosmos - backs ALL Individuality.
I live in ALL that called your Universes
Nor, have you any more world than my world.

Dear Creatress-Creator and Creation BELONG together.
Bye-bye to any LIMITS, to ENDLESS belonging!
I wish NOT to belong to ANY LIMITS AT ALL:
Cosmic wholeness that's where ALL belong,
And I NEITHER KNOW - NOR, WISH me otherwise.

~ Written By Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi ~

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