The term frequency generally means the number of repetitions of a repeating event within a period of time. The word vibration generally refers to an oscillating, repeating motion. Resonance occurs when a vibration in one system triggers a vibration of the same frequency in another system. Systems can have one or more 'resonant frequencies' at which frequencies they have a tendency to vibrate.

In common New Age parlance, vibration or vibe means a sort of psychic impression, the feel of a person or situation. High frequency connotates goodness or spiritual value, low frequency is dirty, unclear, sticky, vulgar, maybe violent and selfish. One feels a resonance or resonates with something when this something, whether person or information, somehow feels right or true or personally relevant.

In the Cassiopaea material, FRV is a property of a person that has to do with the person's alignment or intrinsic nature. FRV can tend towards service to others or service to self.

FRV is itself not immutable. The FRV of a person may change as a result of influences. If a person is in proximity to another who has a different FRV, there can occur forced resonance where the two start resonating at the same frequency. Still, one has a constitutional predisposition to resonate at some frequencies more than at others.

FRV is not directly coupled to knowledge or intellectual capacity. Still, knowledge and intellectual capacity facilitate work on one's FRV. They allow one to discern between STS (Service To Self) and STO (Service To Others) and to make corresponding choices, thus heading towards one or the other end. FRV is essentially an indication of an emotional path.

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