(Part Two)

By Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi

In the torrent of the ocean of Infinite and eternal events - in the Cosmic, The Creator-Creatress - the Ever-Present - Cosmic Supreme Being and All-Knowing Intelligence, uses purpose - to maintain the float and, ambience of things.

Cosmic Law - the Law of the Supreme and, Absolute Entirety of Cosmic Omnipresence of Being, uses purpose to keep folks in right alignment with the polarity of Its Will.

And, in that ocean, tosses about in tempestuous lack of direction in indefinite crests, deeps, and furors of unprofitable evolutionary experiences.

Although their journeys have been generally, arduous and long, they, who have lost their purpose - have no where to arrive . . .
They - have broken - with destiny.

How can you console them in their misfortune?
How can you assist them to regain their mandatory purposes?
What are peoples who have lost their purpose living and hoping for?

What use is the geo-politics of East and West?
Spirit and Scripture - race and prejudice?
Affluence and want - or, death and immortality where and when the people have lost their purpose?
What value is freedom - liberty - and love unto a people - who have lost their purpose?

By their merely listening to one another instead of listening to their Creatress-Creator is a constant funerary in the death-rituals of
purpose-less existence.

Of this fact, you need to note seriously.
There are no peoples who have lost their true purpose, who have not also forgotten the original source of their lost purposes, or who have not broken with the umbilical line and root unto the Aboriginal Source and Cause.

Now, how can you reassure - or even save a people who have lost their purpose?

How can one assist them without increasing their imperilment?

You must, of all things, listen to their Creator-Creatress - not to them.
You are enabled to monitor their organic destiny and, natural talent according to the highest applicable formula of their Creatress-Creator.

You will reconnect them with their lost Light of Supreme Intelligence and Guiding Wisdom, instead of reconnecting them with historical events and experiences, which make no sense to peoples in organic darkness and, which might impel them to repeat - the bitter end - of olden times.

Then, you must think for them in their thought-less-ness . . . and, do for them - their undone chores until that point and place where they can join you without jeopardy to both yourself and them.

Again, you must monitor their organic destiny and, natural talents, not their social ideals and current works.

Yes, you must un-compromisingly and resolutely keep pointing them to their Original Source and Cause of Purpose.

If you happen to be unable to re-identify and re-affirm them with their Original Cause and Source of Purpose, you are yourself, as a person whose cause - if not purpose -is already lost.

This you must realize without fail, people who have lost their purpose are constitutionally a selfish people.

Their visions and goals, issue from themselves - not from Universal or Cosmic Weal.

Without organic Cosmic purpose, they function by reference to captive and arbitrary horizons - of ethical inorganicism.

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Written by Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi
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