The Egyptians focused on the star SIRIUS and the Dogon tradition was involved with the Sirius star system - Sirius, and Sirius B and Sirius C (B and C, are definitions used by later researchers, used now, for the sake of brevity).

The Dogon tradition involves an extended series of rituals to honor Sirius B's 50-year orbit cycle about Sirius (A), thus making Sirius B visible (with an exceptional telescope, controlled by someone knowing precisely when & where to look) once every 50 years. And Sirius C is on an outer orbit, permanently on the far side of both A and B. The Dogon traditions only tell of one planet, but with a study of their legends, one can assume there is more and that the Dogons knew that the three Sirius stars are suns like ours. The three Sirius suns collectively make up a solar system unique in the universe. The Dogons look up at the sky and see one star - but have a symbol of three circles in their tradition, for a solar system of three suns with overlapping orbits. Remember this symbol, it will return.

The full Sirius system is important to the Dogon. Ironically it is the unseen portion of the system that is linked to the essence of their religion. Sirius C , translated from the Dogon language (and then into English) is called the "SUN OF WOMEN". A rather unique factor about the Dogon belief system are the legends related to Sirius C and the planet that orbits about that sun. The Dogon have a symbolic drawing of this planet as it orbits Sirius C. It should be noted that the Dogon tradition includes a full awareness that planets orbit suns, a knowledge that contains a rough awareness of our solar system. The Dogon legends even include information about our moon, which they describe as "dry and dead" - information shared in the 1940s. Not bad for so-called "primitive" people.

The planet that orbits the SUN OF WOMEN has a unique name, the "STAR OF WOMEN". I do not believe "STAR" is so much a translation error as it is the Dogon way of designating the importance of the planet. There are two symbols for the STAR OF WOMEN, and these we will return to again.

Sirius C ( The Sun of Women ) is described by the Dogon as "THE SEAT OF THE FEMALE SOULS OF LIVING OR FUTURE BEINGS." Its symbol contains two pair of lines that are relevant features of a Dogon legend. They believe that Sirius C "sends out two pairs of beams" - and that the beams represent "A FEMININE FIGURE." The legend has an addenda that seems to underline the fact that the subject at hand is not astronomy - "It is the only star which emits these beams" ...

I must step out of context to share some most relevant examples. A great many of the most ancient of Egyptian temples , such as the temple of Isis at Denerah, were created so that the light of the helical rising of Sirius would travel down the main corridor to place its red glow upon the altar in the inner sanctum of the temple - when that light reached the altar, the beam of light from Sirius was transformed into Sothis , the Star Goddess.

In a manner of speaking, the same belief system was involved in the Greek Temples, such as the Parthenon, which were oriented to receive the beams of light from the Pleiades into their inner sanctums, where the beams were then transformed into SEVEN WOMEN... Research is currently in progress , to validate a similar transformation. As the beams from the Pleiades entered Egyptian temples of Hathor, and became the 7 Hathors/Kittikas, Female judges of mankind. All of this was researched and recorded (from Mali, to Egypt, to Greece) decades, even centuries, prior to the first utterance of that classic "Star Trek" phrase, "Beam me up Scotty."

Within the Dogon tradition, those pairs of feminine figures beamed down from the Star/Sun/Planet of Women to their original home near the Hoggar mountains , bringing many aspects of civilization to the Ancestors of their tribes. There is one last Dogon symbol, collected by the French researchers, that is most relevant. The equilateral cross within a circle represents the whole system of the Sun of Women and Star (Planet) of Women.

Sirius was at the core of the calendar, texts and sacred knowledge of the ANCIENT, ADVANCED civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis and the Land of Sumer.

The sacred knowledge of the Dogon tribe in northern Africa and aboriginal and indigenous tribes in Australia, South America and Asia also revolves around knowledge of this Star. In Egypt too, much revolved around SIRIUS, as the GATEWAY and CENTER of all that is sacred.

This heliacal rising of Sirius, as it is known, occurs when Sirius rises on the horizon, together with the sun, and remains visible for a few moments, until it fades with the advance of dawn.

The heliacal rising of Sirius takes place in July. It is concurrent with the annual opening of the SIRIUS STARGATE known as the LION'S GATE - called the LION'S GATE because the Sun moves into Leo at this time. The constellation of the LION, guards the entrance to the SIRIUS STARGATE and the energy of the Lion’s Stargate continues through the middle of August.

The potent energies of change that flood in at this time are then available for us to use, for the rest of the year.

The Great pyramid of Cheops, in Egypt, is also aligned to the rise of SIRIUS. Chambers found within the pyramid are strategically positioned in reference and deference to Sirius.

In the book ‘Union’, which contains teachings received from Ascended Beings known as the Union of Love and Light, the author writes:
'SIRIUS is the GUARDIAN and THE PROTECTOR of your Souls. It is the ALL-ENCOMPASSING MOTHER; it is the BIRTH CANAL, if you CHOOSE, of YOUR UNIVERSE, of YOUR SOUL'S EXPERIENCE INTO THIS EARTHLY REALM. This STAR NATION grounded its ENERGY on the earth plane through your Ancient Egyptian civilization.'

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Sirius is known as the watery blue planet and, it is said to be the home of those magnificent High-Vibrational Beings - Dolphins and Whales. These beautiful creatures, anchor the vibration of Unconditional Love into our third dimensional planet. The dolphins, who embody the essence of joy and playfulness, help us to raise our vibration. Our separation from The ONE has resulted in a loss of our connection to the joy of the Divine.

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