(Part One)

By Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi

Nations and races who have lost their Inherent and original purpose,have lost also their Succinct and natural destiny.

When and where the people have lost their purpose, every form of their achievement, no matter how high, fails to give rise to destiny, organic to their presence, wherever they may be.

The design for human residency of the Earth is completely purposeful and scheduled.

The loss of organic purpose is the real downfall of Goddesses and Gods, the woe of angels and humans and the banishment of elemental species.

There are no more confused and unprogressive peoples and nations, than there are those who have lost their mandated global and local natural purpose.

There are no more idle and unemployed nations and races, than those who have lost their purpose or who, now, labor for mistaken and incorrect purposes . . .

Their lost destinies or, who are not humiliated nor humbled by glimpses and realizations of the inherent misfortune in losing one's purpose.

Beware, then, of the nations and folks which have lost their purpose, motto, and destiny.

Many such races, nations, and personalities give the world reason to doubt that there is a Law of the Whole or An All-Administering Intelligence.

They are the reasons why so many are misled into "Believing" there is NO Creator-Creatress of ALL or that the Cosmic - has no faithful order and justice.

We are to realize that everyone who was nailed upon the cross for righteousness sake, everyone who was thrown into the lion's den, and, everyone - who was drawn into popular or unpopular wars, suffered as such on account of peoples and nations who have lost their purpose.

We must beware then of the progress, greatness, and grandeur of the races that have lost their purpose.

Theirs is the progress of abdication, the grandeur of unsuspected woes, and the greatness of bluff and insecurity.

If by chance, you come in contact with their genuine Destiny, please...

Speak faithfully and truthfully, even cautiously unto them who have lost their purpose.

They are as a people who lost everything, or, otherwise a people who have nothing whatsoever to lose.

Please help the Creatress-Creator to help them, but, beware how you listen to them.

For this truism - shall and will always prevail:
It's far better to listen to their Creator-Creatress, than to listen to the people.

Especially is this true when and where the people - have lost their purpose!

Within their natural destiny and purpose, a people will recover their lost mind.

But, within their loss of purpose just about everything is lost . . .
Body - Mind - Soul - and Light.

A nation or peoples who have lost their organic earth-residence purpose, also have lost their Universal and Cosmic purpose.

While theirs becomes a life of inorganic happenstances and, arbitrary discretions, they must be considered "lucky" if they have still left some idols as their Creatress-Creator or, some doctrines as their conscious constitutional Light.

There are no limits to the transgressions that are potentially possible to a people who have lost their purpose.

Also, just about anything can happen to them.

You see, folks who have lost their Creator-Creatress-bestowed purposes . . .

Peoples, nations, or races who are no longer in contact with inherent destiny, live a life of continuous trespasses even while they seem to be as well as those who are in touch with their own genuine destiny.

Again, you see it's not a matter of mechanically doing things efficiently, rather, it's a matter of doing righteously that which is applicable - as genuine destiny.

All true purpose - is All destiny comprehending.

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Written by Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi
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