(Part Three)

By Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi

Now, realize that even as none can have a presence that is not organically related to All Presence Which consists All of Existence, even so, can no one have a genuine purpose, which is not harmoniously related to All the other righteous purposes inherent in Beingness.

So, beware of leading a people who have lost their purpose . . .
and, of being led by them.
For of what direction and compass is knowledge unto a people - who have lost their purpose?
Who can govern or educate their children?
Look - beware how you listen to them.
Listening to their Creator-Creatress is the safest direct way - to give ear unto all their misfortunes and woes.
Listening to their Creatress-Creator is the only path and source of hope and illumination unto their Cause.

You must become aware that listening to the Creator-Creatress is Listening to the Voice of more than everything in a people.
Where the people have lost their purpose,
The easiest and shortest way of bridging the evolutionary chasm is by executing a successful revolution in Listening to the Original Source and Cause of Destiny . . .
Or, their Creatress-Creator - the One and Only Voice of Eternal and Omnipresent - Reality of Salvation.

There is no one who does not listen to the people as much as those who would not listen to their Creator-Creatress.
Our planet is on every side filled today with races, movements, organizations, cults, religions, education, technology, and politic.
Much of which have lost their worthy and truthful purposes.
Nor would they rise to new higher ideals nor, would they let any others rise.

Billions are the captives of purposes which were, at some time in the Evolutionary period of this plane useful but, which are today, utterly in-applicable by reference to All the higher emergent conditions and New destinies which we call our times.

Many once great races and religions today suffer and flounder, owing to unmanageable condition of loss of purposes.
The chaos that peoples and institutions which have lost their purposes exert upon our world, testifies to the fact that many of our well-meaning group organs, are leading the cause of highly inorganic and fabricated purposes, nor would they embrace new, more workable, ideals.
Nor, would they let others do so.

The loss of one's natural purposes, makes one unable to acknowledge that there is a natural purpose in whatever else there may exist.
(to be continued...)

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Written by Osuagwu Josiah Nwanayobi
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