Lesson 5: Ma'at (The Kosmic Order) and
The Universal Mother
The Advancement of Human Consciousness is evidenced by the development of a Kosmic structure that the Ancient Egyptians called MA'AT. This system was handed down from the Gods to Man and the Pharaoh was the personification of MA'AT.

MA'AT is the Egyptian Goddess of the Physical and Moral Law of Egypt, of ORDER and TRUTH. The aim in Ancient Kemet (Egypt) was for a person to become One with the Goddess. The path to the development of Goddess-like qualities was through the development of specific Virtues.

Each Soul was judged in the Hall of MA'AT (depicted in the 'Book of The Dead' and Book Five of 'The Book of Gates') when they died. The Heart (conscience) was weighed against the feather of MA'AT (an ostrich feather) on scales which represented Balance and Justice. If their heart was heavier than the feather because they had failed to live a Balanced life by the principles of MA'AT their heart was devoured. If, however, the heart Balanced with the feather of MA'AT they would pass the test and gain Eternal Life. At certain times it was ASAR/AUSAR who sat as Judge in the ritual, and many other Deities were involved in the ceremony, but the scales always represented MA'AT.

In the weighing of the wrongs done in this life against the INTENT of the Heart, MA'AT makes a distinction between SINS and TRANSGRESSIONS. A sin was considered a violation of the Laws of the Gods and Goddesses. That is, Laws pertaining to the Ordinances and Requirements which the Gods and Goddesses had given for their worship. Transgressions on the other hand, were offenses against fellow mortals, their possessions, or the Earth -- or that portion of the Earth on which we live. Therefore, sins were against God or Goddess, but one's transgressions were against mortals. All transgressions may be forgiven, but not all sins.

MA'AT is also the God of Balance, Rythm and the Cycles -- the Primal Laws of the Universe that SUPPORT CREATION and prevent it from falling into chaos. The Good and the not-Good moved the Cycles of the Universe. The Good and the not-Good came out of the Same Source, the Void, the Sekhem, the Source of Infinite Potential and Love.

In this crucial role She stands for BALANCE and HARMONY. Her power was beyond the Pharaohs' who declared themselves Beloved of MA'AT and upholders of Her laws. There were Seven Cardinal Principles/Virtues of MA'AT to achieve human perfectibility.

These principles are:
  1. TRUTH
  4. ORDER
Woman is the LAW-GIVER and Man is the LAW-ENFORCER.

MA'AT as a Spiritual Principle, is more than Justice, it is DIVINE JUSTICE, personified in the Goddess, (NTRT) MA'AT, who exemplifies the ETERNAL LAWS of the Universe as, RIGHT and TRUTH.

These Virtues encompass all of the following:
(1). Control of Thoughts
(2). Control of Actions
(3). Devotion of Purpose
(4). Have faith in the ability of [your] [teacher] to Teach [you] the Truth.
(5). Have faith in [yourself] to Assimilate the Truth
(6). Have faith in [themselves] to Wield the Truth
(7). Be free from Resentment under the Experience of Persecution.
(8). Be free from Resentment under the Experience of Wrong.
(9). Cultivate the ability to Distinguish between Right and Wrong and
(10). Cultivate the ability to Distinguish between the REAL and the UNREAL.

MA'AT transcends specific Ethical rules (which differed according to different times and different peoples) and instead focuses on the NATURAL order of things. That being said, certain actions were clearly against MA'AT as they increased the effect of chaos and had a purely negative effect on the world.

In addition there are 42 Negative Confessions also called, "42 Declarations of Innocence" or "42 Affirmations of MA'AT." They were 42 in number because there were 42 "Nomes" (called districts/states today) in Kemet at that time.

These principles have been termed "Negative Confessions" because they usually begin with the negative, "I have not." However, these principles of Right and Truth, are in fact AFFIRMATIONS of what one has not done in this life to live by MA'AT.
  1. I have not done iniquity.
  2. I have not robbed with violence.
  3. I have not stolen.
  4. I have done no murder; I have done no harm.
  5. I have not defrauded offerings.
  6. I have not diminished obligations.
  7. I have not plundered the Neteru.
  8. I have not spoken lies.
  9. I have not uttered evil words.
  10. I have not caused pain.
  11. I have not committed fornication.
  12. I have not caused shedding of tears.
  13. I have not dealt deceitfully.
  14. I have not transgressed.
  15. I have not acted guilefully.
  16. I have not laid waste the ploughed land.
  17. I have not been an eavesdropper.
  18. I have not set my lips in motion (against any man).
  19. I have not been angry and wrathful except for a just cause.
  20. I have not defiled the wife of any man.
  21. I have not been a man of anger.
  22. I have not polluted myself.
  23. I have not caused terror.
  24. I have not burned with rage.
  25. I have not stopped my ears against the words of Right and Truth. (Ma-at)
  26. I have not worked grief.
  27. I have not acted with insolence.
  28. I have not stirred up strife.
  29. I have not judged hastily.
  30. I have not sought for distinctions.
  31. I have not multiplied words exceedingly.
  32. I have not done neither harm nor ill.
  33. I have not cursed the King. (i.e. violation of laws)
  34. I have not fouled the water.
  35. I have not spoken scornfully.
  36. I have never cursed the Neteru.
  37. I have not stolen.
  38. I have not defrauded the offerings of the Neteru.
  39. I have not plundered the offerings of the blessed dead.
  40. I have not filched the food of the infant.
  41. I have not sinned against the Neter of my native town.
  42. I have not slaughtered with evil intent the cattle of the Neter.
The 77 Commandments of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and the 42 Affirmations are the original source of the 10 Commandments of the bible, and the Lesser Commandments of the Books Deuteronomy and Numbers. They are known as "The Divine Code of Human Behavior".
  1. Thou shall not cause suffering to humans
  2. Thou shall not intrigue by ambition
  3. Thou shall not deprive a poor person of their subsistence
  4. Thou shall not commit acts that are loathed by Gods
  5. Thou shall not cause suffering to others
  6. Thou shall not steal offerings from temples
  7. Thou shall not steal bread meant for Gods
  8. Thou shall not steal offerings destined to sanctify spirits
  9. Thou shall not commit shameful acts inside the sacro-saints of temples
  10. Thou shall not sin against nature with one’s own kind
  11. Thou shall not take milk from the mouth of a child
  12. Thou shall not fish using other fish as bait
  13. Thou shall not extinguish fire when it should burn
  14. Thou shall not violate the rules of meat offerings
  15. Thou shall not take possession of properties belonging to temples and Gods
  16. Thou shall not prevent a God from manifesting itself
  17. Thou shall not cause crying
  18. Thou shall not make scornful signs
  19. Thou shall not get angry or enter a dispute without just cause
  20. Thou shall not be impure
  21. Thou shall not refuse to listen to words of justice and truth
  22. Thou shall not blaspheme
  23. Thou shall not sin by excess of speech
  24. Thou shall not speak scornfully
  25. Thou shall not curse a Divinity
  26. Thou shall not cheat on the offerings to Gods
  27. Thou shall not waste the offerings to the dead
  28. Thou shall not snatch food from children and thou shall not sin against the Gods of one’s city
  29. Thou shall not kill divine animals with bad intentions
  30. Thou shall not cheat
  31. Thou shall not rob or loot
  32. Thou shall not steal
  33. Thou shall not kill
  34. Thou shall not destroy offerings
  35. Thou shall not reduce measurements
  36. Thou shall not steal properties belonging to Gods
  37. Thou shall not lie
  38. Thou shall not snatch away food or wealth
  39. Thou shall not cause pain
  40. Thou shall not fornicate with the fornicator
  41. Thou shall not act dishonestly
  42. Thou shall not transgress
  43. Thou shall not act maliciously
  44. Thou shall not steal farmlands
  45. Thou shall not reveal secrets
  46. Thou shall not court a man’s wife
  47. Thou shall not sleep with another’s wife
  48. Thou shall not cause terror
  49. Thou shall not rebel
  50. Thou shall not be the cause of anger or hot tempers
  51. Thou shall not act with insolence
  52. Thou shall not cause misunderstandings
  53. Thou shall not misjudge or judge hastily
  54. Thou shall not be impatient
  55. Thou shall not cause illness or wounds
  56. Thou shall not curse a king
  57. Thou shall not cloud drinking water
  58. Thou shall not dispossess
  59. Thou shall not use violence against family
  60. Thou shall not frequent wickeds
  61. Thou shall not substitute injustice for justice
  62. Thou shall not commit crimes
  63. Thou shall not overwork others for one’s gain
  64. Thou shall not mistreat their servants
  65. Thou shall not menace
  66. Thou shall not allow a servant to be mistreated by his master
  67. Thou shall not induce famine
  68. Thou shall not get angry
  69. Thou shall not kill or order a murder
  70. Thou shall not commit abominable acts
  71. Thou shall not commit treason
  72. Thou shall not try to increase one’s domain by using illegal means
  73. Thou shall not usurp funds and property of others
  74. Thou shall not seize cattle on prairies
  75. Thou shall not trap poultry that are destined to Gods
  76. Thou shall not obstruct water in the moment it is supposed to run
  77. Thou shall not break dams that are established on current waters
MA'AT is at the Heart of understanding Ancient Kemet Civilization in its entirety, and is the foundation of its longevity. It is bound to and fused with Ethics (including Justice and Truth) and Universal Order (Kosmic Order, Social Order and Political Order).

However, they also understood that it was not possible to be perfect, just BALANCED. The Universe is ORDERED and RATIONAL. The rising and setting of the Sun, the flooding of the Nile and the predictable course of the Stars in the Sky reassured them that there was permanence to Existence which was central to the Nature of ALL things. However, the FORCES of CHAOS are always present and threaten the Balance of MA'AT.

Reciprocity -- often called the Golden Rule -- simply states that we are to treat other people as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
To apply it, you imagine yourself on the receiving end of the action in the exact place of the other person (which includes having the other person's likes and dislikes). If you act in a given way toward another, and yet are unwilling to be treated that way in the same circumstances, then you violate the rule.

To apply the Golden Rule adequately, we need KNOWLEDGE and IMAGINATION. We need to know what EFFECT our actions have on the lives of others. And we need to be able to imagine OURSELVES, VIVIDLY and ACCURATELY, in the other person's place on the RECEIVING END of the action.

With Love, Light, Knowledge, Imagination, and the Golden Rule, we can progress far in our moral thinking. The Golden Rule is best seen as a CONSISTENCY Principle. It doesn't replace regular moral norms. It isn't an infallible guide on which actions are right or wrong; it doesn't give all the answers. But it does prescribe consistency -- that we DO NOT have our actions (toward another) be out of HARMONY with our desires (toward a reversed situation action). It is a test of our moral coherence. If we violate the Golden Rule, then we violate the Spirit of Fairness and Compassion.

The Golden Rule is well suited to be the standard to instill ORDER against the chaos that otherwise permeates the Universe. Rather than a Code of Justice, MA'AT is the BALANCE to be applied in order to restore HARMONY to Society , and thus to the Universe. The basis of the Golden Rule's equality is summed up by a simple explanation of MA'AT that the Egyptians attributed to the Creatress-Creator:

"I made every man like his fellow."

Humanity's evolution of CONSCIOUSNESS is hereby illustrated. MA'AT is not based on what one did that was wrong during one's life, but on one's INHERENT EQUALITY.

Each of us is duty bound to RESTORE and defend MA'AT.

The way of MA’AT was to Act out of the Center of Consciousness, the Heart. Acting out of the Heart is called the Virtue of Love.

As one progresses in Knowledge on the Service To Others pathway, the more he or she incorporates the Principles of MA'AT into his or her life. It is the FOUNDATION of Human Life and is about the promotion of Sanity, Order, Balance, Harmony, Peace, and Justice among Human Beings.

The excellent condition of the Ancient Egyptians was attributed to their application of these Metaphysical Realities in their daily life -- in other words -- TOTAL COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.

As above, so below, and as below, so above.


The confusion with the Gods and Goddesses simplified. The Universal Mother gave birth to many things including the Gods and Goddess, however many of them demand that they be worshiped by the humans as their Creators and in most cases through monotheism. This can be looked at as your own physical mother or father asking you to worship them as your only Creator since they came together and did the deed that brought you here. The Adept is then to ask what of the Sperm, what of the Egg, what of the Water and what of all the Sustenance that makes up the Parent, where did that come from because it is that which is the True Creator, not the stages in between.

Further worshiping Crucified Saviors is like worshiping your own brother. It is true that our parents deserve care, respect, and reverence from us and this is common sense. But blind submission to the will of any parent or authority is not required by the Universal Mother. Think of how many fathers have ruined their sons life's by wanting them to live up to their football dream. Or how many mother's have done the same to the daughter by forcing her to attempt to become a singer or the million other scenarios like this that show clear ABuse. AB = Father -- "Getting used by Father?

It was clear to me that the Gods had gone mad they actually expected people to sit around behind their stations and build their world for them on top of ours. So I started to spoil their plans from the inside out." James

We have released a vast amount of information within this last week and I see it imperative to clarify and simplify the message. Regardless, the entire living world will come to know the awesome power of the Universal Mother vividly and thus come to develop a personal relationship with the Sustainer by clear proofs. The reality still is that if we have ever eaten, drank, and drawn breathe then our relationship has already began.

It is fact that the energy or current that most are looking for can be found right here on this Planet, do we not witness the awesome power of the Ocean?

How much of such power do we truly think we need coursing through our Being to power up all of our faculties?

The answer is not much so with knowing this it becomes of utmost importance that I make you aware of how we became separate and who is the perpetrator behind such things. Our power has always been available, I can show you infinite reasons why. This is the completion of my mission which will only be complete when all Know.

Ideas that give one immortality contain immortal purpose, new Creations are made all the time and seek instruction. - James

I can only tell you this story from my own life and if I do not do that I run the risk of you not feeling all of what you need to feel to Know -- TRUE Gnosis.

Because the entire Universe is on a cycle/spiral/orbit, our first fractal is that we are born from our Mother. This transcends from the highest level to the lowest levels as above so below. Anytime someone is telling you anything different then they are dividers splitting you from the truth, this is exactly where the incision began.

Notice the bible begins with this incision dividing Man from Woman. It becomes important now to innerstand the relationship of the Universal Mother, versus the woman or goddess. She actually birthed both of them like she birthed man and gods and a whole host of Beings you see in Nature. So when people began to confuse the Universal Mother with woman or man there ensues a great deal of confusion and misdirected anger.

It is a fact that many Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods fuel their candidates with this deluded confusion that what gives them life is still limited to being a Goddess or God, and thus, when they identify the god or goddess to them for their true actions, the candidate develops a hatred for the Planets. This effects mainly the one they are standing on, which is the only thing that is truly real and organic while everything else the person is imagining is still ethereal, just a fantasy or phantom waiting to be granted life.

Now it is a fact that many of these blind candidates, following their blind divided gods and goddesses such as Saklas/Samuel (Blind) and Layla (Night Blind) who are attempting to take over the world, are continuously erecting their structures and technologies on top of our Mother.

Let us keep in mind they are building their inorganic dead world, on the top of the world of the living thus smothering Life. So humanity faces its greatest challenge as it has an intruder that it must confront or be judged as being already dead when not doing anything to uphold Life, despite it upheld you when you needed it, now that must be balanced.

THE FORCE THAT STOPPED THE SUN When looking at the media today it is clear to see the Archons are at the height of their reign tugging on poor humanities heart with continuous portents of doom. Their height is our lowest state.

"The economy is falling", "A Satellite is Falling", "Its all Falling"! Someone tell Chicken George that it is he that is failing and falling thus confusing his state for that of the Universe, which powers forth causing awe as such existence baffles man and woman, when they cannot fit it into a mind that accepts death as a realistic component for itself. We do not die we simply transmute.

The megastructure is merely showing that it is collapsing under the weight and diversity of organic life and now must turn it back over to its real Nourisher which has always remained present watching the inevitable. The Return of the Children. The Child is Fearless. Come forth Child and witness magnificence as it is your story.

There is a symbolic gesture that occurs in the beginning of your life that holds great symbolism and significance. This is the cutting of your umbilical cord. You should also keep in mind just as the astral eye shows that if you happen to lose a physical limb or part, your ethereal one remains in place so in effect you only lose use of it on this Plane and not the other.

Since the Placenta is a Planet, when you are ejected it is now clear, that a new lesson is beginning. This lesson has been planned a great deal ahead of us fully realizing our true identity. It is funny because this lesson is called. "Learn Your True Identity". I find the Universe very interesting when it uses this technique which is to plunge us into an external version of ourselves shattered, until we are able to see it is all a mirror.

MOTHER OF THE SEA So we begin at the Doc in this case it is a Doctor. The entire Nature of this Planet is that of the Sea so you will notice the jargon everywhere. Now that you are immersed in to an external world you must rush to identify how this world translates to your internal world or you will remain confused.

The reward of learning how the two relate, is you will actually be able to live in both worlds simultaneously in balance using parts of each world, in this case only the organic part of our world such as the trees, crystals, and many other things that are alive, to build total Unity and Connection. When one world remains confusing the two have yet to sync-up because of confusion which is like a static unstable signal.

We now need to know that everything that is inorganic from the external world has a binding nature to it. Because the Universal Mother lives in organic life this means the false A.I. Archon lives in everything inorganic.

The first thing that happens to the child in a A.I. driven world which is a false Matrice, is the child is injected with viruses through immunizations and then the foot or sole/soul of the child is imprinted on a papyrus along with signatures of the parents giving consent to place the child in the hands of the State or Artificial Mother. Thus the descent begins as the child cannot fend for itself and it is the Man and Woman who must guide the child.

In the event that the Woman or Man is not connected to the Universal Mother but instead Layla by behavior and association, this spells bad news for the baby for quite some time. Thus the original Sin was that of using the fertility component identified as a Snake/Penis to bring forth the first child which has been identified in the Ancient text as Cain/Coin/Cohen/Khan/Con/King. Basically the one who is completely confused and imagines that everyone should fall down and worship it although it was not the Creatrix of this world but a creation also.

Because those that came early, before the development of organic life as we know it, have a tendency to be stronger in certain areas than those who come later, this world has been under the yoke of Beings who choose to form this environment more to their liking so they can continue to thrive. Since they are inorganic Beings, liken unto clones possessing NO FEELING, they find comfort in highly material Tron-based realities laden with Artificial Intelligence or fake knowledge which is false Gnosis.

The Beings who came after them, after the Planet/Placenta was formed, showed several advancements especially in the areas of communal life and the ability to connect and relate to the Universal Oversoul.

As it is written "The Archons who are always troubled ENVY humanity because we live inside of their ORIGINATOR, while they have a hard time melding.*

I have once and thus always been a Gnostic. Truly they are the most hindered from all sides but I rise triumphant in front of you to give the final pieces to create Wholeness for everyone.

"It is not just what We talked about it is what we did and continue to do. To learn from the Archons is to learn about ourselves." - John Lam Lash

On that note, I see the ultimate cure for the Archons, became for them to fractalize and assimilate themselves into the reality and attempt to experience it through people they remotely tapped into through the Chakra System.

There appears to be successes and failures. I believe ties, bindings, bonds, pledges, oaths, agreements, arrangements, pacts, and a great deal of other things tie an otherwise beautiful Being down. So now you will receive the Two Edged Sword of Truth to pierce and cut away falsehood.

The Secret of the Cross Okay so here it is. We already connected a lot of this but it has not been fully compiled like right now. The actual origins of the Cross as a symbol is related to Kristos.

It is clear that Jesus is not Kristos since this Being entered our Consciousness approximately 20 million years ago through nucleic form of assisting with a chemical transition that relates to our cellular growth. I will show you how they fooled the world by making the higher being a man, it is much deeper, the higher Beings are more soluble.

The Cross is indeed a sword and that sword is for knighting, more correctly for anointing or appointing. Thus when one has the anointing they can go forth. Nothing is holding you back from it, and if you are reading this the keys are now in your hands.

The Cross becomes a symbol of Crossing over because you are able to see both worlds. Because there is a very heavy relationship between being able to experience all this and the powerful force of Kundalini then you can easily divine why the Serpent has been demonized.

It is a fact that the human body can connect to the Planet that it is standing on through Astral Projection of its Auric Power, which act as tentacles thus tapping itself into the direct currents of the Earth.

It is known that such a Being must develop a relationship of trust and dedication to generation, not death, if they are to inherit such Essence. There are preliminaries to holding the energy such as working on the minds, bodies, and Soul. The ultimate activation comes when internally there is truly no self plot.

There is a FALSE current and a REAL one.

To identify the True one is to find the REAL TREE OF LIFE fabled in the Garden tales.

The Earth was the Garden and the Archons have NO POWER to kick us out but through trickery they have perpetrated that possibility and even made many want it with ideas of leaving Earth in spaceships so they can have it.

The BALANCED activated Earth which already exists now awaits you, it transcends your doubts and identifies with your needs.

Brothers and Sistars, Mothers and Grandmothers, Fathers and Grandfathers Elders and Ancestors many of whom are already fully immersed in this delight I so reverently speak of I bid homage.

This is also so my shadow may learn from my actions not my thoughts. Thank you for the lesson. Wholeness

To be continued...

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