Lesson 6: Orion STS (Service To Self)
Q: You mentioned both our peoples and those of Orion coming here. Can you expand on that?

Ra: Your thoughts do not match your words. We are unable to respond. Please restate your question.

Q: I am interested in the application of the Law of One as it pertains to Free Will with respect to what I would call the advertising done by UFO contacts with the Planet Earth. The Council seems to have allowed the quarantine to be lifted many times over the past thirty years. This seems to me to be a form of advertising for what we are doing right now, so that more people will be awakened. Am I correct?

Ra: The Council of Saturn has not allowed the breaking of quarantine in the time-space continuum you mentioned. There is a certain amount of landing taking place. Some of these landings are of your peoples. Some are of the entities known to you as the Orion group.

Secondly, there is permission granted, not to break quarantine by dwelling among you, but to appear in thought-form capacity for those who have eyes to see.

Thirdly, you are correct in assuming that permission was granted at the time-space in which your first nuclear device was developed and used for Confederation members to minister to your peoples in such a way as to cause mystery to occur. This is what you mean by advertising and it is correct. The mystery and unknown quality of the occurrences we are allowed to offer, have the hoped-for intention of MAKING YOUR PEOPLES AWARE OF INFINITE POSSIBILITY.

When your peoples grasp INFINITY, THEN and ONLY then, can the GATEWAY BE OPENED to the LAW OF ONE.

Q: I’ll just ask about Orion. You said that Orion was the source of some of these contacts with UFOs. Can you tell me something of that contact, its purpose?

Ra: Consider, if you will, a simple example of intentions which are bad or good. This example is Adolf [Hitler]. His intention was to presumably UNIFY by choosing the so-called elite, and then ENSLAVING, by various means, those who are seen by him as NOT-elite. There is then the concept of taking those so-called elite and adding them to the Orion group's so-called empire. The problem facing them is that they face a great deal of random energy, released by the concept of SEPARATION. This causes them to be VULNERABLE as the distortions among their own members are NOT IN HARMONY.

Q: What is the Density Level of the Orion group?

Ra: Like the Confederation, the Densities of the mass consciousnesses which comprise that group are varied. There are a very few Third Density, a larger number of Fourth Density, a similarly large number of Fifth Density, and very few Sixth-Density entities comprising this organization. Their numbers are perhaps one-tenth of ours at any point in the space-time continuum as the problem of SPIRITUAL ENTROPY causes them to experience CONSTANT DISINTEGRATION of their social memory complexes.

Their power is the same as ours. The LAW OF ONE BLINKS NEITHER AT THE LIGHT NOR THE DARKNESS, but is AVAILABLE for Service To Others AND Service To Self.

However, Service To Others RESULTS IN Service To Self, therefore PRESERVING and further HARMONIZING the distortions of those entities SEEKING INTELLIGENT INFINITY through these disciplines.

Those SEEKING INTELLIGENT INFINITY through the use of Service To Self CREATE THE SAME AMOUNT OF POWER but, as we said, have CONSTANT DIFFICULT because of the concept of SEPARATION which is implicit in the manifestations of the Service To Self which involve POWER OVER OTHERS. THIS WEAKENS and EVENTUALLY DISINTEGRATES the energy collected by such entities who call the Orion group and the entities which comprise the Orion group.

It should be noted, carefully pondered, and accepted, that THE LAW OF ONE is AVAILABLE to ANY ENTITY which has decided to STRIVE TOGETHER for ANY SEEKING of PURPOSE, be it SERVICE To OTHERS or SERVICE To SELF.

The laws, which are the primal distortions of the Law of One, then are placed into operation and THE ILLUSION of SPACE/TIME IS USED AS A MEDIUM for the DEVELOPMENT of THE RESULTS of those CHOICES FREELY MADE. Therefore, ALL entities LEARN, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SEEK. ALL LEARN THE SAME, SOME RAPIDLY, SOME SLOWLY.

Q: Using as an example the Fifth Density concerning the Orion group, what was their previous Density before they became Fifth Density?

Ra: The progress through Densities is SEQUENTIAL. A Fifth-Density social memory complex would be comprised of entities HARVESTED from Fourth Density. Then the conglomerate or MASS MIND/BODY/SPIRIT complex does its melding and the results are due to the INFINITELY VARIOUS posibilities of combinations of distortions.

Q: I’m trying to understand how a group such as the Orion group would progress. How it would be possible, if you were in the Orion group, and pointed toward SELF-SERVICE, to progress from our Third Density to the Fourth. What learning would be necessary for that?

Ra: You will recall that we went into some detail as to how those NOT oriented towards seeking SERVICE FOR OTHERS yet, nevertheless, found and could use the gateway to intelligent infinity. This is true at ALL Densities in our octave. We cannot speak for those above us, as you would say, in the next quantum or octave of BEingness. This is, however, true of this octave of Density.

The beings are HARVESTED because THEY CAN SEE AND ENJOY THE Light/Love of the appropriate Density. Those who have found this Light/Love, Love/Light WITHOUT benefit of a DESIRE FOR SERVICE TO OTHERS nevertheless, by the Law of FREE WILL, have the right to the use of that Light/Love for WHATEVER purpose. Also, it may be inserted that there are SYSTEMS OF STUDY which enable the SEEKER OF SEPARATION [STS] to gain these gateways.

This study is as difficult as the one which we have described to you, but there are those with the perseverance to pursue the study just as you desire to pursue the difficult Path of SEEKING TO KNOW IN ORDER TO SERVE.

The distortion lies in the effect that, THOSE WHO SEEK TO SERVE THE SELF are seen by the Law of One as PRECISELY THE SAME as THOSE WHO SEEK TO SERVE OTHERS, for ARE ALL NOT ONE?

TO SERVE YOURSELF and TO SERVE OTHERS is a dual method of SAYING THE SAME THING, if you can understand the essence of the Law of One.

Q: What’s the objective with respect to the conquest of the Orion group?

Ra: As we have said previously, their objective is to locate certain entities that VIBRATE IN RESONANCE WITH THEIR OWN VIBRATION, then to ENSLAVE the UN-elite, as you may call those who are NOT of the Orion vibration.

Q: Was the landing at Pascagoula in 1973 when Charlie Hixson was taken aboard this type of landing?

Ra: The landing of which you speak was what you would call an anomaly. It was neither the Orion influence nor our peoples in thought-form, but rather a planetary entity of your own vibration which came through quarantine in all innocence in a random landing.

Q: Where are these three entities now?

Ra: These entities are in the Dimension known to you as Fourth. Therefore the Space/Time continua are NOT COMPATIBLE. An approximation of the Space/Time location of each would net no actual understanding. Each chose a Fourth-Density planet which was dedicated to the pursuit of the understanding of the Law of One through Service To Self, one in what you know as the Orion group, one in what you know as Cassiopeia, one in what you know as Southern Cross; however, these locations are not satisfactory. We do not have vocabulary for the geometric calculations necessary for transfer of this understanding to you.

Q: Who went to the Orion group?

Ra: The one known as Genghis Khan.


Ra: As all, they follow the Law of One, OBSERVING FREE WILL. CONTACT IS MADE WITH THOSE WHO CALL. Those then upon the Planet act much as do you, to disseminate the attitudes and philosophy of their particular understanding of the Law of One, WHICH IS SERVICE TO SELF. These become the elite. Through these, THE ATTEMPT BEGINS TO CREATE A CONDITION, whereby the remainder of the Planetary entities ARE ENSLAVED BY THEIR FREE WILL.

Q: What type of information is passed on from the crusaders to these people?

Ra: The Orion group passes on information concerning the Law of One, WITH THE ORIENTATION OF SERVICE TO SELF. The information can become technical just as some in the Confederation, in attempts to aid this Planet in SERVICE TO OTHERS, have provided what you would call technical information. The technology provided by this group is in the form of VARIOUS MEANS OF CONTROL OR MANIPULATION OF OTHERS TO SERVE THE SELF.

Q: Why do the crusaders from Orion do this? What is their ultimate objective?



Q: In the last session you mentioned that the Orion crusaders came here in chariots. Could you describe the chariots?

Ra: The term CHARIOT is a term used in WARFARE among your peoples. That is its significance. The shape of the Orion craft is one of the following: First, the ELONGATED OVAL SHAPE which is DARKER THAN SILVER, but which has a METALLIC APPEARANCE IF SEEN IN THE LIGHT. In the ABSENCE OF LIGHT, IT APPEARS TO BE RED OR FIERY IN SOME MANNER.

Other CRAFT include DISC-SHAPED OBJECTS of a small nature approximately twelve feet in diameter, the BOX-LIKE SHAPE approximately forty feet on each side. OTHER CRAFT CAN TAKE ON A DESIRED SHAPE, through the use of THOUGHT-CONTROL mechanisms. There are various civilization complexes which work within this group. Some are more able to use Intelligent Infinity than others. The information is very seldom shared; therefore, the CHARIOTS VARY GREATLY IN SHAPE AND APPEARANCE.

Q: Is there any effort on the part of the Confederation to stop the Orion chariots from arriving here?

Ra: Every effort is made to QUARANTINE this Planet. However, the network of guardians, much like any other pattern of patrols on whatever level, DOES NOT HINDER each and every entity from penetrating quarantine, for IF REQUEST IS MADE in Light/Love, the Law of One will be met with ACQUIESCENCE. If the request is NOT made, due to the SLIPPING THROUGH THE NET, then there is penetration of this net.

Q: I don’t understand how the Confederation stops the Orion chariots from coming through the quarantine?

Ra: There is contact at the LEVEL of Light-Form or LightBody-Being depending upon the vibratory level of the guardian. THESE GUARDIANS SWEEP REACHES OF EARTH'S ENERGY FIELDS to be aware of any entities approaching. An entity which is approaching is hailed in the name of the One Creatress-Creator. Any entity thus hailed is bathed in Love/Light, and will OF THEIR FREE WILL obey the quarantine due to the POWER OF THE LAW OF ONE.

Q: Are most of the UFOs which are seen in our skies from the Orion group?

Ra: Many of those seen in your skies are of the Orion group. They send out messages. Some are received by those who are oriented toward Service To Others. These messages then are ALTERED TO BE ACCEPTABLE to those entities, while WARNING OF DIFFICULTIES AHEAD. This is THE MOST THAT SELF-SERVING ENTITIES CAN DO, WHEN FACED WITH THOSE WHO WISH TO SERVE OTHERS.

The contacts which the group finds most helpful to their cause are those contacts made with entities whose orientation is towards service to self. There are many thought-form entities in your skies which are of a positive nature and are the projections of the Confederation. Other sightings are due to the inadvertent visualization by your peoples’ optical mechanisms of your own government’s weaponry.

Q: You mentioned that the Orion crusaders, when they get through the net, give both TECHNICAL and NON-TECHNICAL INFORMATION. I think I know what you mean by technical information, but what type of non-technical information do they give? And am I right in assuming that this is done by telepathic contact?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Through TELEPATHY the philosophy of the LAW OF ONE WITH the distortion of SERVICE TO SELF is promulgated. In advanced groups there are rituals and exercises given and these have been written down just as the service-to-others oriented entities have written down the promulgated philosophy of their teachers. The philosophy concerns the service of manipulating others that they may experience service towards the other self, thus through this experience becoming able to appreciate service to self. These entities would become oriented towards service to self and in turn manipulate yet others so that they in turn might experience the service towards the other self.

Q: Would this be the origin of, so-called, black magic?

Ra: This is correct in one sense, incorrect in another. The Orion group has aided the SO-CALLED NEGATIVELY-ORIENTED among your peoples. These same entities would be concerning themselves with SERVICE TO SELF in any case. There are many upon your so-called inner planes which are negatively oriented and available as inner teachers or guides and so-called possessors of certain souls who seek this distortion of Service To Self.

Q: Is it possible for an entity here on Earth to be so confused as to call both the Confederation and the Orion group in an alternating way, first one, then the other, and then back to the first again?

Ra: It is entirely possible for the untuned channel, as you call it, to receive both positive and negative communications.

If the entity at the base of their confusion is oriented toward SERVICE TO OTHERS, the entity will begin to receive MESSAGES OF DOOM.
If the entity at the base of the complex of BEingness is oriented towards SERVICE TO SELF, the crusaders, who in this case, DO NOT find it necessary to LIE, will simply begin to give the philosophy they are here to give. Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others but, in the DESIRE for proof, WERE OPEN TO the LYING INFORMATION of the crusaders who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.

Q: Are there any Confederation or Orion entities living upon the Earth and operating visibly among us in our society at this time?

Ra: There are no entities of either group walking among you at this time. However, the crusaders of Orion USE two types of entities to do their bidding, shall we say. The first type is the THOUGHT-FORM; the second, a kind of ROBOT.

Q: Are all of these Men in Black then used by the Orion crusaders?

Ra: This is correct.

Q: Who gave George the information on how to build it?

Ra: There were two contacts that gave the one called George, this information. One was of the Confederation. The second was of the Orion group. The Confederation decided on NON-CONTACT due to the alteration of his mental/state-of-mind. Therefore, the Orion group used him; however, George, though confused, was one devoted at the heart to SERVICE TO OTHERS, so the, shall we say, worst that could be done was to DISCREDIT this source.

Q: I may be wrong, but it seems to me that it would be the FREE WILL of, say the Orion group, to interfere. How is this balanced with the information which you just gave?

Ra: The balancing is from dimension to dimension. The attempts of the so-called Crusaders to INTERFERE WITH FREE WILL ARE ACCEPTABLE upon the DIMENSION of THEIR understanding. However, the peoples of this Dimension you call Third, form a DIMENSION of FREE WILL which is NOT ABLE to, shall we say, RECOGNIZE IN FULL, the distortions towards MANIPULATION. Thus, in order to balance the dimensional variances in vibration, a QUARANTINE, this being a balancing situation whereby the FREE WILL of the Orion group is NOT STOPPED BUT GIVEN A CHALLENGE. Meanwhile, the third group is NOT HINDERED from FREE CHOICE.

Q: Could these “windows” that occur to let the Orion group come through once in a while have anything to do with this Free Will balancing?

Ra: This is correct.

Q: Then this window balancing prevents the Guardians from reducing their positive polarization by totally eliminating the Orion contact through shielding. Is this correct?

Ra: This is partially correct. In effect, the balancing allows an equal amount of positive and negative influx, this balanced by the mind/body/spirit distortions of the social complex. Thus in your particular planetary sphere, less negative, as you would call it, information or stimulus is necessary than positive due to the somewhat negative orientation of your social complex distortion.

Q: This is a profound revelation, I believe, in the Law of Free Will. Thank you. This is a minor question further to make an example of this principle, but if the Confederation landed on Earth, they would be taken as gods, breaking the Law of Free Will and thus reducing their polarization of Service to All. I assume that the same thing would happen if the Orion group landed. How would this affect their polarization of Service To Self if they were able to land and became known as gods?

Ra: In the event of mass landing of the Orion group, the effect of polarization would be strongly toward an increase in the Service To Self, precisely the opposite of the former opportunity which you mentioned.

Q: If the Orion group was able to land, would this increase their polarization? What I am trying to get at is, is it better for them to work behind the scenes to get recruits, shall we say, from our Planet, the person from our Planet going strictly on his own using free will, or is it just as good for the Orion group to land on our Planet and demonstrate remarkable powers and get people like that?

Ra: This first instance is, in the long run, shall we put it, more salubrious for the Orion group in that it DOES NOT INFRINGE UPON THE LAW OF ONE by landing and, thus, does its work through those of this Planet. In the second circumstance, a mass landing would create a loss of polarization due to the INFRINGEMENT UPON THE FREE WILL of the planet. However, it would be a gamble. If the planet were then conquered and became part of the Empire, the Free Will would then be re-established. This is restrained in action due to the desire of the Orion group to progress towards the One Creator. This desire to progress inhibits the group from breaking the Law of Confusion.

Q: You mentioned the word “Empire” in relation to the Orion group. I have thought for some time that the movie Star Wars was somehow an allegory for what is actually happening. Is this correct?

Ra: This is correct in the same way that a simple children’s story is an allegory for physical/philosophical/social complex distortion/understanding.

Q: Was this done by the Orion group?

Ra: This is correct.

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